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Ok, people, this is the list... I'll come back and edit this entry as I think of things to add and things to cross off! If you see something on here that you need to that we can work on together, let me know here or in game and we'll see what we can work out!

[Short Term List]
Keep playing in Giddeus, harvesting and collecting necklaces for Najaa.
Try to send 50k gil to mule every week to start saving up for stuff like Vermy.
Exp Sch
Do FoV w/ NPC in Yhoator to try and get Beluga.
Keep doing MMM w/ Lei for marbles and magic/weapon skills.

Character Related (Job/Skill)
75 WHM
220 Club (then capped)
40 SCH
15 THF (then 45)
12 NIN (then 40)
40 BLM (then 75)
75 SMN
41 RDM (then maybe 75?)
Clothcraft 60 (then 100 w/ guild items)
All other crafts 60
75 Adventuring Fellow Sarah informed me that the cap is 70, but by the time my NPC is 70 the cap will probably be 75, lol.

Quest/Mission Related
All Missions (Bastok and Sandy at a much much later date, but I would like to work on WMs, RoZ, CoP, ToAU, WotG)
Hero Fame
Recalls and Retrace (Need to do Campaign ops and related things to work on past rank so I can flag the quests)
All SOB quests (3 from end, will need help w/ all of them.)
All Rhinostery quests (2 from end, will need help.)
Sleepga 2 quest (Will need to do all quests in that series.)
Adventuring Fellow Quests Artifact Quests (Kinda goes with job levelling, I always quest all AFs, whether the pieces suck or not. But I might as well list it here, anyway.)
All Maps, whether purchase, chest/coffer, or quest

Item Related

Yigit Set

(Key Items)
Cast Metal Plate
Moongate Pass
Paintbrush of Souls
Any and all Key Item "keys" like above.

(Non Rare/Ex - Would still rather camp or BCNM or whatever some of these than buy.)

Blessed Set
Igqira Set
HQ Elemental Staves
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Dimitrius' Very First Battle

(no subject)

Done a lot of quests since my last update. Kinda hard to keep track of everything, though, so you'll just have to take my word for it! Got all 3 of my past-maps. Almost got my Garlaige Lycopodium NPC but there was a real live Yagudo down there that killed me. (I assumed it was part of campaign since I had seen Orcs in Eldieme the day before that would not aggro me. Won't make that mistake again. ALWAYS CHECK! So I just HP'd and I'll get it some other time.

I have a couple of quests flagged that I will need help with. Blue Ribbon Blues and Crying Over Onions.

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I killed VE! I ran my supplies to dunes last night. And as is customary, I ran through his area to see if he was up, but there was someone else hunting and I wasn't really there for him, anyway, I was just running supplies and hten I was gonna log. But I get to the far left edge of his spawn and I killed a couple leeches to see if I could get a carby ruby, but they didn't want to give it up... So after I killed a couple, VE pops! So I run at him and cast Dia. He was hitting me pretty hard at first because I didn't have a single buff up, but once I got him enfeebled and got a couple buffs up on me all went well and...

Cool! 1/1! I've camped him a few times, but never claimed, on Dimitrius or Dimi. That will be great for levelling THF and NIN! Now I've got to try my luck with Lizzy! I don't know if I've ever actually claimed Lizzy, so maybe I can have the same luck with her! I would really love a PCC, too, but I won't buy it. Maybe I'll camp Argus sometime... But then again, maybe not. That's kind of a big commitment...

Hmm... dunno what else, unlocked SCH, gonna be levelling that...

Gonna do another post today with a nice long list of things I want/need to do. I'm going to try to just keep editing that one as I think of new things and as I complete goals on the list.
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Dimitrius - Ark Angel

Yay FFXI again!

Ok I got the images fixed. Dunno why it wasn't working with my domain hosting, I'll just use flickr...

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Ahh, emergency maintenance. During the exact time I had set aside to play, today... Thank you, SE! :D

So I'm sure anyone reading this LJ knows that I've been back in game since the beginning of April. I didn't really play much in April, just kinda got on to chat. I don't even know if I partied for exp or not... I've played more in May, and I've kinda decided I will stay for a while longer. (Originally I just wanted to pay for April, just to catch up with friends, but my RL is boring and FFXI is neato so...)

I levelled my WHM to 42, so now I can do all my teles, which has been nice for making a quick buck or two to be able to catch up on gear and spells that I passed over while levelling up. I'm taking a break from exping white mage for a while. I am fairly certain it will be my first job to 75, but I want to have its subjobs ready... BLM is at 31 right now, and if I may say so myself, it's outfitted pretty well. :) When I ding 32, which is pretty close, I'll have int in every slot except for body. Baron's Saio is the only body piece I have access to with any int on it that allows me to wear a headpiece and it's 60k, so I'll just stick with Seer's in body slot for now. Once I get BLM to 40, it will be time to unlock Scholar, and begin to level it. I really didn't want to level Scholar because I really don't understand its role in the game. It's like RDM but no refresh or dispel? But it has some traits that look really really nice as a sub for whm, so... I'll get it to 40 and then hopefully I can continue my second trek to WHM75. X_x

I keep forgetting to take pics of things that happen, which makes me really sad. :( I want to post lots of pretty pictures for you guys to look at! My friends have been excellent at helping me out with my new character!! You are the best, all of you!!

Lei has played Moblin Maze Mongers with me a couple times. I think we don't really get how you're supposed to do it, so we just go in with my whm and her 75MNK and she just decimates everything in sight and at the end we get marbles... I think there's supposed to be more to it, but... *shrug* Lei also lent me her harvesting gear AND her seer's gear, which I have been slowly sending back as I purchase them for myself. Thanks, Lei!!!
Ooh, I almost forgot, here's a great shot of Lei and I after our most recent mine-delving. We bought eyepatches with a few of our marbles. YAR, we be pirates! :D

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Moir and I have had quite a few adventures! She got me my elshimo marble for my tele-yhoat quest with her amazing th4 thief! She got me my Fei'Yin chest key for tele-vahzl (which I finally got the crystal for on tuesday morning. ;P Then yesterday she killed Marchelute for me so I could get my Blessed Hammer! Her kitty has also killed poor Bloody Butcher (my pankration skele) countless times. THANKS MOIR! >:E
(I wish I had remembered to take pics of all of this! :( :( :( I PROMISE I will take pics the next time we do something together!!! Please remind me!)

Scat has exped with me a couple of times, and the other day we poked around in Yuhtunga Jungle and Sea Serpent Grotto for whm scrolls, and she got me all of them that were available for the next few levels, yay!

Puru and I have exped a couple times, and who can forget how much I used his character when I first started Dimi! Rank 5 and ToAU access by 25, I'm sure that's at least a little bit rare... Hurray for 2boxing!
Here's a pic of us exping last night outside of Kazham. Apparently the exp was really slow for him but I was using exp bands so I was just dandy. We had a PL, so I got to be a nuking machine, and I didn't die once! Yay for nuking to empty MP each fight! :D :D :D

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So for the last part of April and the month of May, I've really been having a blast, thanks to my great friends! I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO appreciate that any of you take time out of your day to help me out or just hang out with me. I don't ever want you to think that I take you for granted and don't appreciate the help. I know what you're sacrificing and it means a lot to me! <3 The road ahead is rocky and littered with things I really don't want to have to do, again, but there's also fun to be had, so I'll focus on that for now!

Who's up for some promies!? :D!!!
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Dimitrius&#39; Very First Battle

Small update.

Hmm... let's see. Got WHM31, working on BLM at the moment. I've been told a couple times that BLM isn't used at all as a sub for WHM anymore, but it still has utility spells I like using, and it's a nice job to have at 40 (and I'm strongly thinking about 75ing it. It looks to be not too difficult to solo to 75 if you do it right. o_O) Got the 2 pieces of RSE that are good for my jobs last night in Maze of Shakhrami (Pants & Shoes) tried for carby ruby, but the drop rate on that is ridiculous. I've activated 7 of the 9 maws in the past, just need the 2 on the way to Bastok. I did the quests in Sandy for Angelstone & Deathstone, so I actually have a little money, now! I'm not sure what to do with it, I want to use it to make more money, but I don't know how. Hopefully by the time I get to the gobbiebags needing those stones, the prices will have dropped on the AH. Turns out the item I was trying to track down on Dimitrius (Signed Vermillion Cloak) was given to someone who transferred servers. So there's little chance of ever seeing that, again. T_T Bought a shrimp lantern for 8k last night. Looks like it's gonna be a longass time before I will get WHM75, but it looked like a decent price, so I'll tuck it away for a while. I'll have to keep an eye out for other pop items at a decent looking price, for rostrum pumps and other popped NMs I'll be wanting to hunt. I'll probably be getting BLM & SMN to 40 before I really play with WHM again, so that's kinda sad times, but I enjoy these jobs, too, so it's all good. Been a really obnoxious time leveling BLM, ended up soloing an entire lvl because parties were sucking when I could even get an invite. I need to think about lvling THF too, for some treasure hunter action. (sorry for the wallotext, guess it's not such a small update, after all, I'm just kinda typing thought strings as they enter my mind.) Hmm... what else. Looks like eventually I'mma have to lvl Scholar... This is the first time in the history of FFXI that I'll lvl a job I don't want to lvl... I'll probably end up not hating it too much, it just looks like a chimera of whm blm & rdm with some neato abilities, and some nice ways to stretch out MP, but it looks like a job I'd never want to lvl as a main job. DNC on the other hand looks very fun, and I'll probably be levelling that to at least subjob level at some point. I can't really think of much else to say, I've got a lot of goals and thoughts on my mind, but they're all little things.
I'll have to start taking more screenshots of events and hanging out with friends so I can start posting some pics to this, again. :)
Dimitrius - Ark Angel

Busy day!

Today was a busy day! Completed rank 5, got my airship pass! Finished Holla quest & got Dem quest flagged, collected the last key for my kazham airship pass. So I got most of my non-levelling goals completed. Now to exp. T_T
Dimitrius - Ark Angel

(no subject)

I've decided upon White Mage as my main job. It's not 100% certain, but that's what I'm thinking at the moment. Once I get 42, I may or may not enlist the help of my friends to obtain the elemental avatars and Fenrir, so that I can lvl SMN. I will probably level White Mage all the way, though, so I at least have 1 lvl 75 job, as I feel SMN will take quite a while to get to 75. I've been doing LOTS of quests & missions, lately. I've gone from rank 1 to rank 4 in about a week, gotten lots of key items, a few rare/ex items, and collected a great multitude of quested scrolls and other items. I've flagged the Mea & Holla quests, but for the life of me, can't get my Bastok fame high enough for Dem quest! >_<; It's not a big deal because I'm barely over half the lvl required to even cast the spells, but it would put my mind at ease if I could at least have all the quests flagged. I've quested the fun spells for BLM (Drain & Aspir, still need to get Warp 2, but that requires Fei'Yin, so I'll probably wait a bit on that.), gotten my portal charm for 3 mage gate. White mage delevelled while doing one of the rank 3 missions (going to Castle Oztroja basement.) so I'm currently in Qufim seeking a party to get at least 20. Tomorrow morning, I'll begin my Rank 5 mission, which is going to all of the beastmen strongholds & collecting Magicite. I'll bring Puruko along, so it shouldn't prove too hard.
Goals currently in mind: Levelling WHM & BLM, Rank 5, flagging all 3 lvl36 tele quests, getting last key for Kazham (Ghelsba), Getting some gil... (This probably means one of my most hated activities... Farming. Time to lvl Thief!)

Small Update

Hello, everyone. I decided it's time for an update. Not much has change since I last posted. I've done a shit-ton of quests, and now that I have all of the quested spells and gear that I wanted for my first couple jobs through dunes, I ran out of excuses to not go there... My WHM & RDM are now 11 (RDM levelled while collecting quest items from monsters and WHM you'll hear about in a sec.) and my BLM is 10, so it will be quite some time before I need to go back to the 1-10 grind. I think I've been doing ok balancing the game & life. I have been playing a bit more than I'd like to, I should probably get it under a bit more control so I don't get too used to playing it a bunch over break and then have trouble adjusting to school, again. I decided I had put off going to the Dunes for far too long, and last night after collecting both my Dem & Holla crystals, completing my crag crystal collection, and collecting the last of the items I was questing for (Drain for BLM & Friar's Rope for WHM & RDM) I set out for Dunes with a 30/30 inventory packed with the scrolls & gear I'll need to get my Whm through. After setting my HP in Selbina, I got an invite to join party. I nervously accepted and headed to camp. We gathered together at the cave to kill the bats so we could get to a lizard camp, (War & I had no sneak! ^_^) and it had begun. During our hour-long or so party, we had a couple close calls, but luckily, no one died, and everyone levelled at least once! I was truly terrified of playing white mage, again, especially at that level... I done good, though! Now my WHM sits at one of the rocky ledges in the dunes at one of the prime lizard camp spots, awaiting my return. Still not 100% sure about what job to take as a main... WHM is familiar, and I'm used to it and good at it. RDM would get better invites, I've played a similar job, so I wouldn't be bad at it. RDM Maat is notoriously obnoxious, though. I guess we'll see, there's plenty of time to decide!
Until next time!

First few days back.

My first few days back in the game have been fabulous! My best friend Scat, whom I had pissed off one too many times in the 2 years I had been playing, is my friend, again! The very first thing I did when I got out of the tutorial cutscene was /sea all Scat, and there she was. I sent her a tell, and the response was lots of OMFG's and WTF's. She was very happy to see me, and I was very happy she was happy to see me! I actually shed a tear or two because I was so happy to have my old friend, back!
I've been questing a bunch around Windurst, and levelling up White Mage and Black Mage. I got WHM to 10, and BLM is nearing 6. I may end up levelling RDM to 10 just so I don't have to come back for a very long time. I can't decide what I will do for my first job to 75. I'm thinking RDM, because the invites shouldn't be hard at all to come by. I'd like to lvl WHM, but I'd also like to have SMN available as a subjob for when I do that. So for now, I think I'll do my jobs in this order: Get WHM & BLM to 40 for RDM subs, RDM to 75, unlock SMN, get all the avatars (maybe wait a while for Diabolos, since there's lots of CoP missions to even get that far, but at least get the elemental ones and Fenrir.) Then get SMN to 40 and decide whether to lvl SMN or WHM to 75 first, then when that one is 75, lvl the other one. I may or may not lvl BLM after the first 3. (This is all assuming I decide to keep playing, whether or not I can handle playing casually.) I don't want to do a lot of endgame stuff that will make me make time commitments to the game, so I probably won't do Dynamis/sky/sea stuff for a while. But I would like to see about getting into a mission static or two once I get high enough level to start working on RoZ & CoP (as well as getting rank 10 in windy.)


Thought I'd explain to my friends who read this why I've decided to return, now. It's been over a year since Dimitrius has been gone, and I've been missing him, and all of my friends from the game, dearly! I'd looked on Amazon a couple times, and saw that Vana'diel collection was $19.99! I was debating whether or not to get it, whether or not I thought I could handle playing, again. My friend (one of the top sufferer's of my last addiction to this game) Chad convinced me I could do it, in the end. I'll just have to keep track of time very wisely and never get trapped into something time-consuming before work or school, and I'll need to remember and keep my mind focused on the fact that life > game. If something comes up in real life, if a friend wants to go eat, or if my roommates want to watch a movie, that takes priority. Parties may hate me, and I'll probably never be super-involved in end-game stuff, but I've done that, I'm playing for fun & friends, this time, not accomplishments. (Not saying I accomplished everything I wanted the first time around, or that I was hot shit, but I am proud of what I did get accomplished.)
I'm really pumped to be back. I'll be starting as a male hume, again, same face, and I'll be starting out in Windurst, it always has been and always will be my home. :)
I've not been able to sign on, yet, because of installation/update issues, but when I finally get onto the game, I'll be creating a character named Dimi. (since Dimitrius is obviously already taken...) I thought about using an original name, because I'm sure there will be people who take issue with my selling Dimitrius, but I decided against it. If I'm going to be rmt scum, I may as well be honest with myself and everyone else. :)
Dimitrius&#39; Very First Battle


Yep... it means what you think it means. I'm going to be starting from scratch. We'll see if I can:
#1) Play less obsessively and more responsibly, and:
#2) Actually stick to it and not get frustrated and quit.
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